Writings on Cities

The field of urban design has been in a period of upheaval in the last twenty years. The Modernist thinking that became orthodoxy in during the 20th Century has been called into question and nearly, though not finally, overthrown. Researchers and practitioners worldwide have revealed how Modernism's concentration on single-use districts, automobiles, and dispersed development have had devastating social, environmental and economic impacts. At the same time, rapid urbanization world-wide has created the need for new models of development. The articles here are considerations of some of the issues at hand.

Capitol Hill 2017

AV, I'm Walking Here!

The interaction of autonomous vehicles and pedestrians is going to be one of the most contentious issues in cities within the next few years. While we want to believe that street life is going to bet better and safer, we need to set up some basic rules in order for that to happen.

The Reason for Urban Design

This essay has thoughts on urban design at different scales, written for a non-professional audience. It was published as a five article newspaper series in 2011.

Sidewalk Parking

Parking on the sidewalk is a common practice all over the world. This practice creates a variety of problems, among them reductions in pedestrian safety and accessibility. The photographs show how widespread the practice is and make clear the need for unobstructed pedestrian space.

Autonomous Vehicles, Pedestrians, and Cities

The future of public space is at stake as autonomous vehicles come into our streets. This article in the October 2018 American Planning Association Northern News explored the issues and responses.